Renewable Energy Options for Poor Rural Western Areas of China

Abstract As a developing country with both large area and tremendous population, although China’s economy is growing rapidly, there are still large quantities of population in poverty, the majority of who are dispersed in the remote western part of China. The western provinces enjoy the best renewable resources in China. The harnessing of RE resources to serve the rural residents, particularly the poor in remote areas is the requirement of building a well-off society. Furthermore, RE resource utilization will help the ecology protection that is becoming significant. More specific, it is the government’s obligations to find solutions to supply the unelectrified population clean energies. This paper is trying to provide a justification in harnessing the RE resources to reduce the poverty from the energy supply point of view. An overall initial assessment will be presented regarding the poverty situation in China, RE resources, RE technologies, as well as motivations and barriers in developing RE resources. Barriers analysis will be drawn from some selected case studies. At last, the paper attempts to show the policy outlines to address these problems.
Author Renewable Energy Technologies/ Global Network on Energy for Sustainable Development, by Gao Hu, Wang Zhong Ying, Zhao Yong Qiang, Energy Research Institute (ERI) of National Development and Reform Commission (NRDC), 14 December 2005
6 Renewable Energy, 6.1.4 Rural Renewable Energy Use