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Effective Distribution of Small Wind Power Systems in Asian Rural Areas

Abstract The Asian Development Bank (ADB) renewed its Energy Policy in 2009,1 emphasizing three priorities for achieving inclusive and sustainable growth in its developing member countries (DMCs): (i) promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy; (ii) maximizing access to energy for all; and (iii) promoting energy sector reform, capacity building, and governance. ADB has also committed to reinforcing its efforts to facilitate the transfer of low-carbon technologies to DMCs and to double financial support for clean energy projects to $2 billion per year by 2013 to enhance regional energy diversity and security. The proposed research and development technical assistance (TA) on Effective Deployment of Distributed Small Wind Power Systems in Asian Rural Areas will help implement ADB’s Energy Policy and assist DMCs in scaling up viable renewable energy development with private sector involvement to improve the quality of life of the poor. It will create opportunities for ADB’s sovereign and nonsovereign lending operations, build local capacities, and strengthen regional cooperation on clean energy technology development and deployment. The vice-president (Operations 1) approved concept clearance of the TA on 2 October 2009.2 The design and monitoring framework is in Appendix 1.The TA builds on ADB’s Energy for All Initiative3 and aims to supply reliable and affordable emission-free electricity to poor communities in remote windy areas at no fuel cost. It will explore innovative and practical approaches to (i) reduce costs of wind power equipment by transferring appropriate technologies and optimizing manufacturing processes; (ii) reshape financing modalities and instruments, and mobilize carbon credits in a pragmatic way; (iii) encourage public–private partnerships to stimulate investment and research and development activities for clean and renewable energy; (iv) displace combustion of biomass and fossil fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and (v) improve national and village-level capacities for planning, implementing, and maintaining decentralized systems for power generation and distribution. The TA is aligned with ADB’s Medium-Term Corporate Strategic Priorities for Research, especially (i) promoting inclusive growth, (ii) addressing climate change, and (iii) coping with rising commodity prices.
Author Asian Development Bank, December 2009
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