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Energy in China: Transportation, Electric Power and Fuel Markets

China has experienced enormous growth in its energy markets over the last two decades, fuelled by sustained growth in its economy. As rapidly expanding transportation and power production in China place increasing demands on markets for oil, gas and coal, the effects may well be felt elsewhere in the APEC region. APERC has undertaken this study to afford policy-makers a better understanding of how transport and power sector trends in China may affect fuel markets and the environment, as well as measures that might be taken to moderate the impacts foreseen.

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A Trickle Turns into a Flood: Standby Power Loss in China

Standby power use typically describes the power consumption of appliances when they are switched off or not providing their primary services but connected to the electric main. Such electricity consumption also translates into a significant amount of global carbon emissions. Reducing standby power use has been recognized by a growing community of researchers and international agencies as one of best greenhouse gas mitigation strategies because standby power use can be substantially reduced at relatively low costs. There is almost no information about standby power use in developing countries. Even if the levels of standby power draw for a particular appliance are similar to those found in developed countries, the ownership and usage patterns of those appliances will be different. This paper summarizes the findings from the first survey on standby power use in China.

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