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Concentrating Solar Power – State of the Art, Cost Analysis and Pre-Feasibility Study for the Implementation in China

The report was prepared by Wen Zhang, a consultant with the German company Fitchtner. A PPT file is also provided here to summarize the long word document, and it was prepared by Wen Zhang and Dr. Ole Langniss jointly. This study provides a summary assessment of four major concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies and a review of major projects built mainly in USA and Spain. The cost of these CSP projects is compared and analyzed. Based on these information, a preliminary feasibility study of a CSP project in China is prepared to indicate the enormous market potential of CSP technology.

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Feasibility and Policy Study Report for Developing CSP in China

This report was prepared by the Center for Clean Energy Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Branch. The international experts at the Center for Resource Solutions also provided valuable input to the research. Based on study of existing CSP policies worldwide, the report analyzed and compared the advantages and disadvantages of each policy and their consequent effects; current domestic policies were also analyzed to assess the political environment for developing CSP in the country, and new policy options were recommended to address the political challenges and other barriers. Preliminary assessment of the CSP development potential of China was also included in this report. On basis of these, a strategic four-stage developing route for China’s CSP was proposed as a key component of the report.

6.3 Solar Energy, 6.3.2 Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)