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Preparation and Pre-development of Inter-tidal Wind Farms in Rudong

The project began in November 2008. The projects carried out the works, such as the Rudong 1GW intertidal wind farm development planning, the wind resource assessment of Rudong 150MW intertidal wind power project, the construction technology research and the specialized amphibious equipment development of the intertidal wind farm wind turbines transportation and installation, and so on. In December 2009, the project was completed successfully.

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Preparation Work for a 100MW pilot Offshore Windfarm in Fujian

On the foundation that the CRESP PMO has had the methodology research of Fujian offshore wind power, under the CRESP support, the planning and site selection were carried out in Fujian province, and the preparatory work of the wind tower construction, marine hydrological observation, and pre-feasibility studies, etc. of Fujian offshore wind power project were carried out too. Lots of constraints and key issues faced by the planning and construction of Fujian offshore wind power project was researched typically, the solutions were explored, which explores the experience and provides the references for Fujian offshore wind power industry development.

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Preparation Work for a 100 MW Pilot Offshore Windfarm in Hangzhouwan in Zhengjian

The project is one of the sub-grant projects in the first ground of wind power competitive grants. Through the establishment of wind tower at the Hangzhou Bay, the wind resource was assessed, and the pre-feasibility study report of 100MW wind farm was prepared; the typhoon influence was analyzed and forecasted, and the feasibility of the project was demonstrated, which provides the technical support for the 100MW wind power project at Hangzhou Bay. The Hangzhou Bay 100MW project is the first offshore wind power project developed independently by the China Guangdong Nuclear Wind Power Company. The successful implementation of the project provides the rich experience of practical operation for the follow-up overall planning of the Hangzhou Bay project and even the wind power development of the entire southeast coast of China; Thus the development as a whole of the China Guangdong Nuclear Offshore Wind Power projects can be achieved.

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Preparatory Work for a 150MW Pilot Wind Farm Project at Inter-tidal Zone in Rudong County, Jiangsu Province

The project is one of the ISSF donation projects. The goal of the project is to complete the pre-feasibility study of Jiangsu Rudong 150MW Intertidal Wind Farm Demonstration Project, which will provide the basis for the technical feasibility and economic reasonableness of developing and constructing the intertidal wind farms by the project applicant unit and Jiangsu Province, and will lay a foundation for completing the implementation of the Jiangsu Rudong 150MW Intertidal Wind Farm Demonstration Project in 2015.

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The Preparatory Work for Wind Farms in Four Potential Areas in Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia North Long Yuan Wind Power Co., Ltd. has carried out the preliminary development work of four wind farms. And six (existing) wind powers have been set up inWulatehouqi, Wulateqianqi, Huitengliang and Huitengxile wind farms. After collecting the data for one year to two years, the company has started to develop selectively the valuable wind farms among them. Now the Huitengliang PhaseⅡ49.5MW project has already completed the preparation of the application materials .

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Zhangbei Wind Park- Environmental Impact Assessment Summary

The China Energy Conservation Investment Corporation (CECIC) won through a national competitive bidding process organized by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) the concession rights for 25 years to develop a wind power project of 100.5 megawatts (MW) on a build-operate-own basis at Lünaobao in Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou Municipality, Hebei Province. The Zhangbei Wind Power Project (the Project) will be implemented by a special purpose vehicle in the form of a Sino–foreign joint venture indirectly 70% owned by CECIC and indirectly 30% owned by the HKC (Holdings), Ltd., (HKC). The total project cost is estimated to be CNY932.0 million, 34% of which will be financed by equity from two sponsors and 66% by long-term debts provided through a proposed Asian Development Bank (ADB) loan. Special funds have been allocated for environmental protection and conservation of water and soil in the project area.The Project will install 67 wind turbine generators (WTGs), each with a rated output of 1.5 MW, on ridges ascending from northwest to southeast, perpendicular to the prevailing wind direction from the north. The Project is the sixth wind power project developed by CECIC in Zhangbei and planned to be fully commissioned by early 2010. The Project’s capacity factor is projected to be 28.5%, providing 2,497 hours (h) of operation at full-capacity equivalent and supplying 250.9 gigawatt-hours of clean electricity from renewable wind resources per annum to mitigate chronic shortage on the North China Power Grid (NCPG). The environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the Project was conducted by the Hebei Provincial Academy of Environmental Sciences. It was approved by the Hebei Provincial Environment Protection Bureau in November 2007. The Hebei Water Conservation Bureau approved the water and soil conservation plan for the Project, and the Ministry of Land and Resources approved the land use plan in January 2008.

6.2.11 Specific Wind Farms (Onshore and Offshore)