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Biomass-Energy Combined Heat and Power Generation Pilot Demonstration Project

The project uses the agricultural and forestry waste – rice husk as raw materials instead of raw coal, builds 1 set of 20t/h boiler and a back pressure 1.5MW turbine unit, and builds a combined heat and power production line with a chain of boilers, through the, the programmable regulator feeding, oxygen-enriched air ventilation, air and materials cross-control, whirlwind for waste recycling and other technologies. After the completion of the project, the plant construction area is 6,800 square meters, which can form a stable energy-saving capability.

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Research on Cogeneration Policy in Shanghai

Shanghai municipal government seeks to increase its natural gas consumption through the development of clean cogeneration, also known as combined heat and power (CHP). In the report ‘Research on Cogeneration policy in Shanghai,’ the Shanghai Energy Conservation Supervision Center (SECSC) analyzed the technical, policy and economic barriers to expand the use of clean cogeneration and recommended policy options for cogeneration development in Shanghai.

6 Renewable Energy, 6.7 Cogeneration

Market Assessment of Cogeneration in China

The China Energy Conservation Investment Corporation (CECIC) with international technical assistance from U.S. consultant Jack Siegel of Energy Resources International conducted a cogeneration market assessment that analyzed current and projected market demand and barriers. This report will be used to help China develop policies that promote cogeneration investment.

6 Renewable Energy, 6.7 Cogeneration