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Pre-feasibility Study and Power Station Construction Relevant Technique Study for Jiantiao 20 MW Pilot Tidal Power Station

It is one of the sub-grant projects at the provincial level. The pre-feasibility study was carried out by the project on the tidal energy resources, capacity, building program, power generation, economy and so on of the Jiantiao 20MW Tidal Power Station in Zhejiang Province, and the pre-feasibility study report was finished. The dam construction methods were researched on and the feasible construction plan was provided. At the same time, the dam settlement was researched too to ensure dam safe.

6 Renewable Energy, 6.6 Other Renewable Sources

The Utilization of Geothermal Pump System in Forest Areas in Inner Mongolia

The total heating area of the project is 6,500 square meters, and the involved building types include the R&D center laboratory, the GPM pilot workshop, and the SPF raising house for the experimental puppies. The Ever Source geothermal energy heating pump system is used for the building heating, which is composed of the shallow geothermal energy collection technology with the soil heat-exchange technology as the core, the innovative heat pump technology introduced and the HVAC technology.

6 Renewable Energy, 6.6 Other Renewable Sources