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The China Wind Energy Outlook 2012

The China Wind Energy Outlook 2012 is the fourth edition in the series, following the 2007, 2008 and 2010 editions jointly published by the Chinese Renewable Energy Industry Association, Greenpeace, GWEC and the Chinese Wind Energy Association. This year’s version takes stock of the Chinese wind energy market, providing a comprehensive outlook on the current status of the industry with prospects for the future. China led the global wind energy market for a third year in a row adding 17.63 GW of new wind capacity in 2011. Most of the installations were in the wind-rich areas in the north, northeast and northwest part of the country, but in 2011 wind development started moving towards decentralised projects in the lower wind speed regions. The Outlook projects  China’s wind power capacity to reach between 200-300 GW by 2020 and over 400 GW by 2030; this would mean that wind power would supply about 8.4% of total electricity consumption, and 15% of installed capacity in China. Retrospectively, it estimates that in 2011 71.5 billion kilowatt hours were generated by wind in China, making up 1.5% of the national total electricity output and reducing CO2 emissions by about 70 million tons.

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China Wind Energy Outlook 2010

China’s Wind Power Projected to Equal 13 Three Gorges Dams by 2020. China’s wind power can reach 230 GW of installed capacity by 2020, which is equal to 13 times the current capacity of the Three Gorges Dam; its annual electricity output of 464.9 TWh could replace 200 coal fire power plants, according to China Wind Power Outlook 2010, a new report jointly released by Greenpeace, the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA), and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).In 2009, China led the world in newly installed wind-energy devices, reaching a capacity of 13.8 GW (10,129 turbines) – a rate of one new turbine every hour. In terms of overall capacity, China ranks second, at 25.8 GW. The report projects that by 2020, China’s total wind power capacity will reach at least 150GW, possibly up to 230GW, which, if realized, could cut 410 million tons of CO2 emission, or 150 million tons of coal consumption. Compared to multinationals, many Chinese companies are young and lack a strong basis for research and development. Despite a renewable energy policy requiring grid companies to purchase all electricity from wind farms, access to wind power for the grid is frequently lagging behind an unstable, out-dated grid infrastructure. There is also the problem of a lack of incentives and penalties for grid companies, and slow progress in more wind energy technologies.

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China Windpower Report 2007

China could lead the world in wind energy development and play a larger role in combating climate change, according to a report by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), Greenpeace and Chinese Renewable Energy Industry Association (CREIA). The China Wind Power Report 2007 predicts that China’s installed wind power capacity could reach 122 GW by 2020, equivalent to the capacity of five Three Gorges Dams. China’s current target for wind energy is 30GW by 2020. The report urges China to set a more ambitious target in order to seize the opportunity of massive uptake of wind power, and gives three different growth projections for the Chinese wind market. Given current policies, China’s installed capacity of wind energy could reach 50GW by 2020, accounting for about 4% of the total installed generation capacity. If the policy environment could be further improved, the installed capacity of wind energy could reach 80GW by 2020, accounting for 7% of installed capacity. However, if the Chinese government could give full policy support to wind power, then the installed capacity of wind energy could exceed 120GW by 2020, accounting for up to 10% of the total installed capacity of the country.

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