Research Report Executive Summary: China Wind Power Development Towards 2030-Feasibility Study on Wind Power Contribution to 10% of Power Demand in China

Abstract In order to quickly turn wind power into an alternative energy, ERI’s Center for Renewable Energy Development has worked together with the China Meteorological Administration, the State Grid Corporation of China, the China Electric Power Research Institute, the Hydropower and Water Resources Planning and Design General Institute, the Chinese Wind Energy Association and many other organizations to analyze the supporting conditions needed for rapid wind development in China, and to recommend ambitious wind development targets for 2030. This research has analyzed the feasibility of realizing the 10 percent target from such perspectives as energy and electricity demand, wind energy and land resources, and wind power technology and grid support, and will put forward policy recommendations.
Author Energy Research Institute, Energy Foundation Research, 18 May 2010
6 Renewable Energy, 6.2.0 Wind, 6.2.2 Government and International Institutions, and Industry Policy, Strategies and Recommendations