Photovoltaic (PV) System Investigation Report 2005

Abstract This report is based on the following:In order to effectively increase supply of electricity in an environmentally sustainable way and improve access of isolated rural area residents to electricity services, and therefore to promote the continuous economic and social development of China, the State Development and Reform Commission and the World Bank are applying joint efforts to carry out the Renewable Energy Development Project for China. The residential solar PV system user investigation report for 2005 mainly targets Baiyu County and Dege County in Sichuan Province. The investigated companies are Qinghai Solar Power, Qinghai Tianpu, Xining New Energy, Xining Dawa, Xining Gesang, Xining Tianyu, Shixinguangfu (previously known as XiningJintaiyang), Xining Yueguang, Beijing Jike, Gansu Shengguang and Sanyang Natural Power. The investigation covers from the number of PV systems sold by each companies to basic data like the user names, serial numbers of the battery boards, power and the like. The Project’s main objectives are: Conducting field research with sales information of the PV system provided by the PV Project Office to confirm the sales condition of each PV company.  Finding out clients satisfaction on things like the usage, quality and maintenance the product in order to provide reliable reference for the development and execution of the project.
Author REDP World Bank Beijing, December 2005
6 Renewable Energy, 6.3 Solar Energy, 6.3.1 Solar PV Status Reports and Recommendations