Inner Mongolia Yitai Ordos 205 KW Low Concentrating Solar PV Demonstration Power Plant

Abstract The project belongs to the CRESP technological progress activities at the provincial level. The 205kW concentrating photovoltaic power station (including the 5kW plate photovoltaic system) was constructed with low concentrating photovoltaic technology. After a year of trial operation, the technology of the first generation revealed a number of shortcomings during the operation in the harsh desert environment, such as the sand prevention capacity is to be improved, the line process is to be improved and so on. To solve those problems, the products with the second generation technology were developed in 2008. The original small unit cells with the peak power of 250W were changed into the 50kW large unit cells, while the tracking device was changed into the rotary design driven by a motor to achieve the accurate tracking in the range of 220 degrees, which not only saves land, but also increases greatly the wind resistance and the circuit integrated design level.
Author China Renewable Energy Scale-up Programme (CRESP), Updated 4 July 2011
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6 Renewable Energy, 6.3.3 Rural, Township and City Solar Development Programs and Specific Case Studies