Wind Turbine Technology Transfer (Zhejiang Windey Wind Power Co., Ltd.)

Abstract With the technical strength of developing the wind turbines possessed by this enterprise, under the technical support of the nationally famous wind power technology consulting firm GH, the product development of 1.5MW doubly-fed variable-speed constant-frequency wind turbine with the independent intellectual property has been completed and achieved mass production. The wind turbines have passed the design approval from German TÜV and the type approval from China General Certification Center in Beijing, and the performance indicators of the whole machines have reached the advanced level of the international similar products. The implementation of the project makes the enterprise possess the independent design and development abilities of MW-level WTGS, further strengths the technology advantages of MW-level WTGS, and improves the cost-effective, through the development and implementation of the advanced independent pitch control technology, to make it achieve a favourable position in the competition with similar products.
Author China Renewable Energy Scale-up Programme (CRESP), Update date:5 August 2011
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6 Renewable Energy, 6.2.0 Wind, 6.2.3 Technology Development