Steps Towards a Wind Resource Concession Approach in China

Abstract In the past, China has typically met its increased demands for electricity by burning more coal, but this has had very serious environmental consequences. The country has abundant wind resources, and the environmental benefits of utilizing this renewable resource are likely to be considerable. In order to spur its development, it has been proposed that the wind resource be treated much like oil or natural gas—and that Wind Resource Concessions (WRC) be established and granted to developers offering the most attractive bidding prices. This report addresses the potential use of the WRC approach within China. Both the conventional energy business and renewable energy business are affected by WRC. Their concerns are described, and the single most problematic aspect of wind power development—its high cost with respect to alternatives—is then addressed. Wind power will require governmental support, and this report describes potential policy approaches for providing such support, and for developing the WRC program.
Date 2003 06
Author Roger Raufer
Publisher United Nations Division for Sustainable Development Department of Economic and Social Affairs
6.2.2 Government and International Institutions, and Industry Policy, Strategies and Recommendations