Setting up of Chinese Wind Power Prediction System

Abstract The experience in advanced wind power countries indicates that wind power forecasting (WPF) technology is one of the effective measures to mitigate peak-load regulation pressure, reduce reserve capacity and increase wind power accommodation capacity for power grids. Recently, the leading countries in wind power in Europe and the United States have already established impeccable management mechanism in WPF, and their forecast is performed both in wind farm side and dispatching facility side. But in China, the WPF systems, though, are popular in dispatching side; the WPF systems in wind farm side are still blank. This report, combining the international experience and national situation, studies on the tailor-made wind power forecasting system framework and implementation plan in China. Based on the deep investigation of international experiences and the complete analysis of the main responsibility of the shareholders, combining the current status of the WPF technologies in china, the research proposes a tailor-made framework and implementation plan of the wind power prediction system with Chinese characteristic. The research results will develop the advantages of all the participants to boost the development and application of WPF technology.
Author State Grid/China Electric Power Research Institute, July 2012
6 Renewable Energy, 6.2.0 Wind, 6.2.5 Measurement, Certifications and Testing