Report on Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant

Abstract China’s nuclear power industry has been steadily expanding since the construction of the Qinshan nuclear power plant in 1991. With the 2005-2020 Chinese energy plan’s promotion of nuclear power, nuclear development is currently entering a new period of expansion. Nuclear power, as the government has publicly campaigned, has many benefits, such as mitigating energy pressure, strengthening national energy security, improving the atmospheric environment, upgrading manufacturing technology, and promoting scientific and technological progress. However, each nuclear power project is large-scale, with many environmental and social implications; thus a comprehensive assessment of nuclear projects should be performed to understand how to mitigate their impact on society and the environment. The following report is an outline of the many factors associated with the construction of a nuclear power plant, and may be considered a useful survey of the issues at hand.(Note: this article is partly in Chinese and partly and English, please scroll down to find the English)
Author Wen Bo
5 Nuclear, 5.2 Civil Society Selected Articles (Including Hongkong Civil Society)