Planning Report On solar PV Scale-up Utilization in Hohhot City

Abstract This report was prepared by the Institute of Electrical Engineering under CAS, in cooperation with the Economic and Social Development Research Center of Hohhot and the Inner Mongolian Institute of Electric Power Sciences. The international experts at the Center for Resource Solutions also provided valuable input to the research. The report analyzed the importance and benefits of developing large scale solar PV power generation in cities; evaluated the basic conditions of Hohhot for large scale utilization of solar PV, including, among others, the social economic development status, resource and environment conditions, power grid and power load characteristics, policy environment, and the solar PV technology application status. On basis of these, a general implementation plan coupled with investment estimation was developed; in addition, the report provided analysis on the economic, social and environment benefits, and recommended incentive policies to encourage large scale application of solar PV power generation technology in cities China.
Author Institute of Electrical Engineering, CAS Hohhot Research Center for Economic & Social Development Inner Mongolian Institute of Electric Power Sciences, March 2010
6.3 Solar Energy, 6.3.3 Rural, Township and City Solar Development Programs and Specific Case Studies