Open Letter from the Delegation of Representatives of the Honda Strike Workers for Negotiation

Abstract Workers in Honda Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Foshan City started to resume work on a conditional basis in the evening of 1 June.  The resumption of work was a result of the mediation of members of the National People’s Congress and Mr. Zhang Qinghong, Deputy Director and General Manager of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd.  We agree to temporary resumption of work for three days on the condition that the management shall provide satisfactory answers to our demands.  Otherwise, the strike action will continue.  In the presence of Mr. Zheng Qinghong and representatives of the upper level trade union as observers, workers of Honda Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd elected 16 representatives. The representatives held the first meeting right after the election. In the meeting, we demanded explanations from the trade union for the beating of workers by the trade union officers. We also reiterated our fundamental demands namely, salary increment by RMB800 for the whole workforce including the intern workers; improvement in the wage structure and job promotion mechanism; and last but not least, re-structuring of the branch trade union in Honda Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Another fundamental demand we made was the commitment of the management to non-retaliation and no dismissal of workers participating in the strike. These demands were accepted by the General Manager of Guagnzhou Automobile Group Co Ltd, Mr. Yamada Ichiho山田一穗 in the morning of 1 June. The night shift workers started to resume work in the evening on the same day. The worker representatives contacted Mr. Zheng Qinghong again on 2 June and the first meeting with the management after the resumption of work took place at 2pm on 3 June.
Author ITUC/GUF Hong Kong Liaison Office (IHLO)
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