Market Transformation for Urban Energy Efficiency in China-Project Manual

Abstract The acute energy shortage faced by many Chinese cities has dragged down local productivity and living standards. Cities are motivated to actively seek solutions to minimize the gap between energy demand and supply. The project aims to lay out a practical and replicable approach to promote market transformation of energy efficiency in China. Bulk procurements and financing of energy efficiency projects have emerged as promising mechanisms to build the energy efficiency market, while their development in China is still in their infancy. Based on available assets in China (such as local energy conservation centers and ESCOs), the project team worked with key stakeholders (city officials, financial institutions, buyers, suppliers, energy centers, etc.) to catalyze market transformation through cooperative efforts. The concept of project mechanism is originated  from successful cases in developed countries.
Date 2010 October
Publisher Energy Conservation Information Dissemination Center Global Environmental Institute
8 Energy Intensive Industries, 8.2 General Status Reports, Evaluations and Recommendations