Low Carbon Transportation program

Abstract This link contains a wide range of reports from iCET’s Low Carbon Transportation program. The program focuses on developing and promoting policies that will make vehicles and transport energy usage cleaner, more efficient, less carbon-intense, and all-round less burdensome on the environment.  We accomplish this through four major projects: The Sustainable Low Carbon Fuel project, the Clean Vehicle project, the Transportation Electrification project, as well as the Environmentally Friendly Vehicle Online Rating System and a broad array of conferences, media and other public outreach. User must be registered to access the publications.
Publisher Innovation Center for Energy and Transport (iCET)
Link http://www.icet.org.cn/english/news3.asp?Cataid=A00040002
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8 Energy Intensive Industries, 8.3 Energy Efficiency Measures in Key Industrial Sectors, 8.3.7 Transport