Japan’s Nuclear Crisis Sparks Concerns over Nuclear Power in China

Abstract Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao clearly knows that Japan is a neighbour China can not ignore. Wen was quick to offer assistance to Japan for its efforts to deal with earthquake and Tsunami and also visited Fukushima in late May.  Chinese public watched over TV the calm and civilized response of ordinary Japanese citizens in the face of major crisis. It is also the first time that Japanese self-defence troops were featured in Chinese TV channels as a mobilized force to engage in rescue and humanitarian efforts, similar with what they saw about China’s own army during the time of need. Undoubtedly, the Fukushima nuclear crisis has had an enormous impact on China. With a large Chinese population living and working in Japan, the Chinese government and a great many Chinese citizens have been keeping a close watch on the unfolding events.
Date 2011 06 02
Author Wen Bo
Link http://www.nautilus.org/publications/essays/napsnet/forum/npower_in_china_WenBO
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