High-efficiency and Low-cost Equipment of Biomass Pellet Molding

Abstract It is one of the sub-grant projects in the second round of National Biomass competitive grant activities. Through the research on the physical and chemical properties of biomass materials, and the optimal design of the molding key components, such as the roller, ring mold, feeding devices, etc., the PM485-Ⅱ high-efficiency, low-cost, solid biomass pellet molding machines were developed. The service life of key components is increased. And the problems of low productivity, high energy consumption per unit, poor adaptability of raw materials and so on were solved. The project is underway currently. By December 2010, the model products had been popularized and applied in Heilongjiang, Hebei and other places. Five production line of in biomass pellet fuel had been established in Guyuan of Hebei, Bin County of Heilongjiang and other places with the annual production capacity of 100 thousand tons and the profit of 5 million yuan RMB.
Author China Renewable Energy Scale-up Programme (CRESP) Updated:12 July 2011
Link http://www.cresp.org.cn/english/content.asp?id=1476
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