Establishment of Wind Turbine Certification Capabilities (China Classification Society)

Abstract The project aims to establish the WTGS model certification and project certification capacities, according to the quality and safety standards of the international WTGS. The model certification includes the design assessment, quality management assessment and the prototype testing from the design institutions. The project certification is based on the model certification, including the wind farm site assessment, wind turbine assembly monitoring, wind turbine transportation, installation, witnessing the inspection, and the regular monitoring. The model certification and project certification are the important foundation of China’s wind power industry competing in the domestic and overseas markets. The stage tasks of the project are to establish and improve the technology rule system of the wind turbine model certification, to make the wind turbine model certification approved by CNCA; and the wind turbine model procedure approval of CNAS can be obtained.
Author China Renewable Energy Scale-up Programme (CRESP), Update date:24 July 2011
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6 Renewable Energy, 6.2.0 Wind, 6.2.5 Measurement, Certifications and Testing