China’s Green Revolution, Prioritizing Technologies to Achieve Energy and Environmental Sustainability

Abstract To provide a quantitative, fact based analysis to help policy makers and business leaders identify and prioritize potential solutions, McKinsey and Company, in cooperation with leading researchers in China and across the world, undertook a study of the range of technologies that China could deploy to address its energy and environmental sustainability challenges. Over the past year, the team studied over 200 efficiency and abatement technologies, with a special focus on five sectors: residential and commercial buildings and appliances; transportation; emissions intensive industries (including steel, cement, chemicals, coal, mining and waste management); power generation; and agriculture and forestry. In the course of their research, the team interviewed more than 100 experts from government, business and academia.
Author McKinsey and Company, February 2009
6 Renewable Energy, 6.1.6 Evaluations of the Renewable Sector by Private Sector Financial Institutions