Capacity Building for the Rapid Commercialization of RE in China

Abstract Issues of environment, energy security and least-cost energy access for rural populations have all played a role in making renewable energy an integral component of China’s national development strategy. Yet, China’s high dependence on fossil fuels, including its extensive coal reserves (63 per cent of primary energy in 2003), petroleum (26 per cent of primary energy in 2003, with imports accounting for 31 per cent of crude oil consumption) and natural gas (3 per cent of primary energy in 2003), has remained firmly in place. Efforts to promote renewable energy in China have intensified in recent years, with several domestically and internationally supported initiatives, but the widespread commercialization and adoption of associated technologies are impeded by many challenges in capacity, financing, policy, technology and information. The project described in this brief is meant to address strategically a number of these challenges.
Author UNDP / CCRE, Bill Wallace, April 2007
6 Renewable Energy, 6.1.2 Government, Industry, International Policy and International Financial Institutions