Building Energy Efficiency Policies in China Status Report

Abstract It is well known that the scale of building development in China is unprecedented. It is also evident that the expansion of the built environment coupled with the impact of energy consumed by China’s buildings will have a significant influence on global greenhouse gas emissions. Much of the information available in English about the Chinese building sector elaborates on these well-known themes. However, there are less well-documented insights about the efforts made by China in addressing the challenge of building energy-efficiently on a massive scale. As this report shows, there is much the global community can learn from Chinese best practices. The rationale for this report was to address the current lack of data on Chinese building energy performance and the effectiveness of building energy policies that is produced and available widely in English. This lack of Chinese data is undermining global attempts to determine the GHG abatement potential of the building sector. The situation also hinders Chinese experts from participating and influencing the discourse on achieving the global abatement potential of the building sector.
Date 2012 07
Publisher Energy Foundation
8 Energy Intensive Industries, 8.3 Energy Efficiency Measures in Key Industrial Sectors, 8.3.4 Buildings