Understanding China’s Rising Coal Imports

Abstract Over the past decade, China’s domestic coal output has more than doubled while its coal imports have increased by a factor of 60—the country’s dependence on other nations’ coal exports is growing. In 2009, the global coal market witnessed a dramatic realignment as China burst onto the scene, importing coal from as far away as Colombia and the United States. With 182 million tons (Mt) of coal sourced from overseas suppliers in 2011, China has overtaken Japan as the world’s top coal importer. Moreover, as the world’s top coal consumer, China’s imports could rise significantly again by 2015.
Date 2012 02 16
Author Kevin Jianjun Tu
Publisher Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Link http://carnegieendowment.org/files/china_coal.pdf
Series Policy Outlook
2 Coal, 2.2 Domestic Consumption and International Commerce