The Small Hydropower Development Projects in Zheijiang Province

Abstract The small hydropower development projects in Zhejiang province are the important parts of CRESP project. There is relatively abundant water resources in Zhejiang Province. After inspection, the Chinese government and the World Bank concluded that Zhejiang is the most suitable pilot province to carry out the small hydropower projects of CRESP. According to the project implementation plan, the Zhejiang small hydropower projects are composed of two parts, which are the new constructed projects and the reconstructed projects after being scrapped (including transformation), involving the Anji County, Tiantai County, Xianju County, Pan’an County and other counties (cities, districts). The GEF grants which support small hydropower stations are mainly used for the pre-development of small hydropower stations newly built and the exploration in technological progress of old small hydropower stations reconstruction,mainly including: investor project evaluation, feasibility studies, project design, management and support, etc.
Author China Renewable Energy Scale-up Programme (CRESP), Update date:2011-7-8
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