Rural Energy Policy in China

Abstract This paper summarizes the development course of rural energy policy in China, discusses some special factors which influenced the rural energy development, and shows the effect of the main rural energy policies in the rural energy construction development,as well as provides further thinking about rural energy policy research of China in the future. Along with the urbanization, the proportion of rural population in China descended  gradually from about 80% in 1980’s to 62.34% in 2001, with the total amount of the rural population 795.63 million. However, this quantity is still too huge, and the rural population is dispersed in the large rural area. Along with rural economic development ,the rural energy demand has been growing very fast. Total energy consumption in rural area increased to 670 Mtce in 2000,almost half of the total energy consumption in whole China. Therefore ,it is necessary to pay more attention to the rural energy problem which concerns about the energy supply and consumption for agricultural production, township enterprises and households.
Author Research Group of Energy Policy , Institute of Quantitative and Technical Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Zheng Yisheng, Yang Mingying, & Shao Zhen; 2002
1 Energy and Climate, 1.2 Rural and Urban Energy