Policy Study: Gas-fired Power Generation in China (Synthesis Report)

Abstract Developing a natural gas market will enable China to meet its growing energy needs without relying exclusively on coal and oil. The first step in developing a natural gas market is to develop a natural gas-fired power generation market; right now, however, the relatively high price of natural gas and the way in which power generators are required to purchase natural gas are barriers to the large-scale development of natural gas-fired power generation in China. This report details these barriers to natural gas-fired power generation and recommends an overall national energy development strategy, along with specific policies, that can help overcome them.
Date 2006 03
Publisher Energy Research Institute of National Development and Reform Commission
Link http://www.efchina.org/csepupfiles/report/2006102695218105.98387588404353.pdf/
3 Oil & Gas, 3.8 Gas