Energy Use in China: Sectoral Trends and Future Outlook

Abstract LBNL has initiated the Global Energy Demand Collaborative to initiate the development of a new generation model. The ultimate goal of the GEDC is a complete modelling system that covers the entire world (by region or country), and covers all economic sectors at the end use level. In the short and medium term, the core GEDC team has performed a series of studies such as: country studies, sector studies, or methodology reports. The present report draws upon the expertise developed over many years in the Laboratory’s China Energy Group in order to present as complete and detailed picture as possible of the components and trends in energy consumption in the world’s largest country.
Author Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Report (LBNL-61904); Zhou, Nan; McNeil, Michael A.; Fridley, David; Jiang, Lin; Price, Lynn; de la Rue du Can, Stephane; Sathaye, Jayant; Levine, Mark; 2007
1 Energy and Climate, 1.1 General Energy Concerns, 1.1.3 International and Foreign Think-tanks, Research Institutes, NGOs and Individual Researchers