Energy Outlook for China 2009

Abstract Rapid economic growth in the People’s Republic of China will drive an annual growth  rate of 2.4% in final energy demand (2005–2030).  Total primary energy demand is projected to grow at 2.6% annually. Coal will account  for the bulk of the primary energy mix, at 53.4% in 2030, although it represents a reduced  share compared with the 2005 level of 63.2%.  The increasing amount of oil demand will have to be met by imports, with oil import dependency increasing from 43.6% in 2005 to 71.9% in 2030. Nuclear power will play a key role to slow carbon dioxide emissions; its growth rate will  be about 11.9% (2005–2030)
Author Asian Development Bank 2009
1 Energy and Climate, 1.1 General Energy Concerns, 1.1.2 Multilateral Institutions and Foreign Government Reports