Drilling and Production, Peak Oil Models Forecast China’s Oil Supply, Demand

Abstract China’s oil production and demand is forecast using the Hubbert, Generalized Weng, and HCZ models. The Generalized Weng model best fits China’s oil production and forecasts a peak oil production of 194 tonnes/​year in 2026. The Hubbert model best fits China’s oil demand, which is expected to peak at 633 tonnes/​year in 2032. With a response from Jean Laherrere, 22 January 2008, Questions to Feng Lianyong on the OGJ 14 Jan.2008 article: “Peak oil models forecast China’s oil supply, demand” http://aspofrance.viabloga.com/files/JL_Q-OGJ14Jan08.pdf  
Date 2008 01 14
Author Feng Lianyong
Publisher PennWell Publishing Corp
Link http://www.ogj.com/articles/print/volume-106/issue-2/drilling-production/peak-oil-models-forecast-chinarsquos-oil-supply-demand.html
Series The Oil and Gas Journal
3 Oil & Gas, 3.3 Peak Oil