China’s Electric Power Market: The Rise and Fall of IPPs

Abstract This paper starts off with a brief history of China’s power market starting from the late 1980s when the power generation sector was first opened to private investment. The second section explains the role of foreign IPPs in the market, in particular, addressing why their significance has waxed and waned over the last decade. The third section discusses certain factors and developments in the investment climate of China’spower market which has affected the investment strategies and operations of gencos across the board. This provides the context for an analysis of how these factors have affected foreign IPPs differently from other gencos as well as of how different foreign IPPs have structured the projects in ways leading to variations in investment outcomes. The final section will outline our selection of five case studies for in-depth treatment.
Date 2005 07
Author Pei Yee Woo
Series Program on Energy and Sustainable Development Working Paper #45
7 Electric Power, 7.2 Recent Structural Reforms in the Sector