Cambodia’s Hydropower Development and China’s Involvement

Abstract Cambodia is on the threshold of committing to an extensive domestic hydropower development program, financed with the support of the Chinese government and facilitated through the technical expertise of Chinese construction companies. The Cambodian government has prioritized access to cheap and reliable electricity to sustain its economic development, yet as a result of decades of fighting and instability, Cambodia’s electricity infrastructure remains rudimentary and the cost of electricity amongst the highest in the world. In response, the Cambodian government plans to prioritize the exploitation of Cambodia’s hydropower resources together with the construction of a network of high-voltage transmission lines that would connect remote hydropower stations to urban centers and also facilitate power imports from Thailand and Vietnam. (Note: the English language part of this document starts on p12.)
Author Carl Middleton, International Rivers and Rivers Coalition in Cambodia, January 2008
4 Hydropower, 4.2 International Rivers Reports, 4.2.2 China’s Role in Building Dams Globally