The Study and Manufacture of the Scaled Biomass Fixed-bed Gasifier

Abstract The project started in early 2008, and it was hosted and completed by Wu Youqing of Resources and Environment Engineering College of ECUST. The specific research work of the project carried out: the research of biomass fuels physical and chemical properties and the gasification process characteristics; the determination of gasifier structure parameters and material selection; the engineering design of the gasifier prototype and facilities; the research of the gasifier thermal operation and operation optimization. The project developed the scale-up biological fixed-bed gasification technology with independent intellectual property. And it developed the biological fixed-bed gasification prototype with the diameter of 3m and the the average single-oven gas production to 4,585m3/h. Both the scale extent and the run indicators of the project have reached the international advanced level.
Author China Renewable Energy Scale-up Programme (CRESP), updated: 19 July 2011
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6 Renewable Energy, 6.4 Biomass