The International Center on Small Hydro Power (ICSHP), under the auspices of UNIDO, is coordinating a report on the worldwide development status of small hydro power (SHP)

Abstract The aim of the report, as a contribution to global renewable energy, is to give a global overview of the status of SHP and thereby inform SHP practitioners, policy- and decision-makers, investors, as well as those interested in clean, renewable and local energy and sustainable development. The idea to compile a comprehensive global report on small hydropower came up, since a lot of scattered information already exists on small hydropower at project, country and regional levels, as well as in different languages; however a comprehensive reference publication for decision-makers, managers and potential investors has been missing. In order to more effectively promote small hydropower (SHP) as a renewable and rural energy source and overcome existing barriers, it is essential to identify its development status in the different regions and engage the stakeholders to share existing information and experiences. Most of the contributions had been submitted by June 2012 and are currently being edited followed by peer-review. The World SHP Development Report will be published and printed with the support of UNIDO and is expected to be available to the public by the end of this year – downloadable from the IC-SHP homepage. The report will include an overview for each region (i.e. Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America); the country status of over 140 countries on SHP development as well as case studies featuring technology, finance options and other topics.
Author The International Center on Small Hydro Power (ICSHP), UNIDO
4 Hydropower, 4.3 Additional reports from civil society organizations