The China Greentech Report 2013: China at a Crossroads 2013

Abstract The China Greentech Report is the leading must-read primer on China’s greentech markets, now produced annually and distributed globally in Chinese and English at no cost for the readers. The purpose of the annual Report is to educate markets and stakeholders about key trends, opportunities and challenges so that together, we can accelerate China’s greentech market growth. The fourth Report in this series by the China Greentech Initiative, the 2013 Report examines China’s current pollution challenges and assesses the progress made in meeting energy and environmental targets set within the 12th Five-Year Plan. The Report concludes that quantitative targets alone are insufficient for China to move towards a more sustainable model of development, and suggests a new eight-point approach focused on measurable outcomes. Also featured in the 2013 Report are five “Visions and Roadmaps” developed by CGTI partner companies and government advisors across key greentech ecosystems: Built Environment, Electric Vehicles, Low Carbon Eco-Cities, Next-Generation Energy Value Chains, and Sustainability.
Author China Greentech 2013
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1 Energy and Climate, 1.5 General “Green" concerns