The Brightness and Township Electrification Program of China

Abstract China is a developing country with about 70% rural population; Rural infrastructure is poor, it needs be improved with a great efforts; In recent years, more than RMB 280 billion (EURO 28 billion) have been invested for rural grid improvement including extensions. However, by the end of 2003, there are still about 29,000 villages with about 7 million rural households (about 3.55% of the total population) which are not connected to the grid. The “Brightness Program of China ” was drawn up under the leadership of former State Development Planning Commission during 1996 till 1999 The plan is to speed up the activity of decentralized electrification of remote rural areas; it is also a positive response to the proposal of the world solar summit in Zimbabwe. It is planned that 23 million people in remote area shall be electrified by wind and PV technologies till 2010 with an average capacity of 100 W per capita. The total installed capacity will reach 2,300 MW then.
Author Prof. Ma Shenghong, Beijing Jikedian Renewable Energy Development Center, June 2004
6 Renewable Energy, 6.1.4 Rural Renewable Energy Use