Technology and Policy Studies Related to Renewable Energy Legislation in China

Abstract This book is part of “Research on Renewable Energy Legislation and Recommendation to Renewable Energy of People’s Republic of China” completed by Renewable Energy Development Center of Energy Research Institute of NDRC, sponsored by NDRC/WB/GEF China Renewable Energy Scaling-Up Project (CRESP).With the support of CRESP, Renewable Energy Development Center established specialist group with regard to renewable energy technology and policy, who completed study and research on national and international development of renewable energy technology, policy and legislation as well as made significant analysis on the problems and conflicts China is encountered with in terms of developing renewable energy. As a result, four professional technical research report and one policy research report were completed, they are: Study on Wind Power Development; Study on Solar PV Development; Study on Solar Thermal Application and Development; Study on Small Hydro Power Development; Study on the Incentive Policies and Experiences of Foreign Legislation on Renewable Energy.
Author China Renewable Energy Scale-up Programme (CRESP), June 2005
6 Renewable Energy, 6.1.2 Government, Industry, International Policy and International Financial Institutions