Stop Nuclear Proliferation, Stop Nuking Asia Our Homeland, Stop Putting up the Level of Background Radiation for the World

Abstract We, Asian people concerned about health, and ecological and genetic threats posed by nuclear proliferation in military and civilian realms, are most disappointed by your government’s continuous active engagement in nuclear business after the Fukushima nuclear disaster and numerous testimonies to nuclear harm to humans, future generations, and the ecologies. The presence of representatives from your country at Nuclear Energy Asia 2011 Conference in Hong Kong  clearly demonstrates the nuclear industry-government-IAEA collaboration to relentlessly pursue self-interest at the expense of well-being and sustainability of all lives on earth, by promoting nuclear technologies which will discharge more and more deadly man-made radioactivity into the air, soil, waters and atmosphere and eventually all of the global environment.


Date 2011 12 05
Publisher Hong Kong Alliance Against Nukes
Series Letter to 15 the Governments of 15 countries
5.2 Civil Society Selected Articles (Including Hongkong Civil Society)