Research and Proposals on Incentive Policy and Measurements of Chinese PV Market Development and Acceleration

Abstract This report was prepared by the Institute of Electrical Engineering under CAS in cooperation with domestic and international experts. The report elaborates the strategic importance, necessity, urgency as well as viability of jumpstarting a domestic solar PV market in China; research includes the present solar PV power industry and its production chain, cost composition, technology state, and potential for technical innovation and development; the report also analyzes factors restricting the development of the domestic solar PV market, and proposes relevant policy advice and an “Action Plan for Jumpstarting China’s Domestic Solar PV market’.
Author China Sustainable Energy Program/American Energy Foundation, Consulting & Training Center for Renewable Energy Power IEE, CAS, April 2009
6 Renewable Energy, 6.3 Solar Energy, 6.3.1 Solar PV Status Reports and Recommendations