Report on the Development Status of Chinese Biogas Industry

Abstract On the basis of investigation and statistics, data (up to the end of 2009) have been gained on the discharge of industrial wastewater and residue, agricultural livestock excrement, municipal waste and sludge from sewage treatment plant of China, as well as the amount of biogas convertible resources. The report has discussed the current development of the large and medium sized biogas projects of China, its main contents are as follows: (1) The number of biogas projects, scale, annual biogas production, project investment and economic benefit. (2) The major process technologies, equipment and auxiliary devices adopted by all kinds of biogas projects, the standards of the available technical equipment and the specific plans for the national standard of the key technical equipment. (3) Problems in the design, construction, operation and management, project certification,special team construction and their solutions. (4) Centralized mode of biogas projects and environmental protection. (5) Utilization of biogas, fermented residue and liquid. (6) Cases. In addition, the constraints for the industrialized development of the large and medium sized biogas projects of China have been analyzed and corresponding suggestions on the policy and technology have been put forward in the report.
Author Sino-Danish Renewable Energy Development Programme(RED)/ Environmental Protection Research Institute of Light Industry, April, 2011
6 Renewable Energy, 6.5 Biogas