Problems in China’s Coal Policy—from Liushuipan Coal Bureau chief in Guizhou Province

Abstract On July 24, 2002, a gas explosion occurred at the Taojiawan coal mine. The Taojiawan pit is in Yushe village, Shuicheng county, Liupanshui city in Guizhou province. According to official reports, 25 people were working in the pit at the time of whom 18 were killed and seven injured. China Labour Bulletin rang government offices at city, county and township levels to learn more about the accident and also managed to speak about safety conditions with miners injured in the explosion. According to one miner who was in the shaft at the time of the accident but fortunately escaped death, there were 31 miners in the shaft, considerably more than the official count of twenty-five. CLB also spoke with a Mr. Jiang, head of the Liupanshui Coal Bureau who explained some of the problems in China’s coal policy.
Date 2002 08 03
Publisher China Labour Bulletin
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2 Coal, 2.4 Coal and Workers