Optimization of Low Cost Molding Technology and Whole Set Equipment for Pellet Fuel

Abstract It is one of the sub-grant projects in the first round of National Biomass competitive grant activities. The project is mainly serviced for biomass power generation, which makes the storage, transportation and use of biomass more convenient, and makes the large-scale use of biomass possible. Based on the experience in the previous research, processing, production and engineering actual operation, the technological improvement was carried out, the molding process and equipment were further researched, and the design of environment and molding hole was improved to reduce the power consumption and costs; The adaptability of raw materials moisture content and the stability of equipment operation were improved; The intelligent and integrated equipment in complete sets were researched and developed, which fully meets the application requirements of large-scale industrialization. At the same time, the company has completed the corporate standard compilation and record of Cold Molding Equipment in a Complete Set for Biomass Pellet Fuel.
Author China Renewable Energy Scale-up Programme (CRESP), Updated:11 July 2011
Link http://www.cresp.org.cn/english/content.asp?id=1477
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