On the Ecological Reconstruction of the Coal Mining Area Based on the Sustainable Development

Abstract The coal is the most important disposable energy in our country. Coal resources play a strategic role in our country’s economic and social development, but there are a series of ecological environment problems about the mining and the utilization of coal resources. These problems in the coal mining area have already become an obstacle to the sustainable development and also a major hidden danger to the regional ecological security. On the analysis of ubiquitous problems of the ecological environment in the coal mining area and supported by the theory of the sustainable ecological development, the thesis penetrates the characteristics and laws of the mine ecosystem succession and reconstructs the mine ecological industrial chain. To change the traditional thoughts of “development- pollution- governance”, new ideas and ways of the sustainable development of the coal mining area have been put forward in order to achieve the harmonious development of economy, society and environment.
Date 2010 03
Publisher Journal of Sustainable Development
Link http://www.ccsenet.org/journal/index.php/jsd/article/download/5361/4475
2 Coal, 2.3 Coal and the Environment