Fujian Offshore Wind Farm Development Methodology

Abstract SgurrEnergy has been appointed by CRESP to assist with the development of a methodology leading to production of an implementation plan to exploit the offshore wind resource of Fujian province. Deliverable 4 of this assignment requires that practical application of the suggested methodology be described with regard to offshore wind farm site selection, wind resource measurement and wind resource evaluation. The most appropriate way for this requirement to be delivered was considered to be by way of example and this report applies the suggested methodology to a fictitious offshore wind farm near to Pinghai Peninsula, Putian.
Author SgurrEnergy and China Renewable Energy Scale-up Programme (CRESP), Delivery 4, June 2008
Link http://www.cresp.org.cn/uploadfiles/7/1062/fujian%20offshore%20wind%20farm%20development%20methodology.pdf
6 Renewable Energy, 6.2.0 Wind, 6.2.7 Offshore Wind