Designing Clean Energy Cities: New Approaches to Urban Design and Energy Performance

Abstract This report has two purposes: first to present a synopsis of our work to date on Making the ‘Clean Energy City’ in China, a multi—year research effort, and second to report on the work of the MIT—Tsinghua Joint Urban Design Studio held in Jinan and Beijing, China over the summer of 2010, an integral part of the research program. The overall research effort is aimed at producing new patterns of development for China’s rapid urbanization and a new tool, which we call the Energy Proforma©, by which developers and designers may measure and compare the energy performance of their projects. After having spent a year understanding the landscape of clean energy design globally, measuring energy-urban form relationships in our demonstration city of Jinan, and developing an alpha version of the tool, the studio was the first opportunity to bring all aspects of the work together.
Author Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Tsinghua University; The Energy Foundation; Research and Studio Report 2010
1 Energy and Climate, 1.2 Rural and Urban Energy