Demonstration Power Plant Using Environment-friendly and High-efficiency Fixed Bed Biomass Gasifier

Abstract Gaoyou Linyuan Technology Development Co.,Ltd.researched and manufactured China’s first and also China’s largest power generation integrated device using environment-friendly and high-efficiency fixed bed biomass gasifier. Through the development and application of raw materials molding, fixed-bed gasification, special process for purification and the combination with the advanced domestic electric generating units, the device has been put into operation for power generation. The project has co-generation and co-supply function of power, gas, heat, oil and coal dust. It can not only generate electricity integrated to the power grid, but also can provide rural towns with gas and heat and supply the industry with burnable tar and coal dust. The modular combination can be implemented in accordance with raw material supply conditions to adapt to China’s national conditions.
Author China Renewable Energy Scale-up Programme (CRESP), Updated:18 July 2011
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