Consultation on Biomass Power Generation Technology Improvement

Abstract Biomass resources are very abundant in China, with great energy potential. Energy utilization from biomass is an important way to national economic sustainable development on renewable energy, as well as reducing pollution to environment. Renewable Energy Law has been legislated in February 2005 in China, in which the development and utilization of renewable energy ranks priority item among Chinese energy development. CRESP cooperated between the State Development and Reform Commission of China and the World Bank aims at expanding and developing China’s renewable energy utilization to accelerate technological scale-up and industrialization process. CRESP office has entrusted and supported Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion (GIEC), CAS to make an elaborate analysis and assessment of cogency on the application of biomass electricity generation technology in China, which constitutes part 1 of this report, and is submitted to the Expert Workshop on “Analysis of Potential in China for Improvement in Biomass Power Generation Technology” of CRESP in April 2005. Based on the analysis and assessment, Experts and researchers participating in the conference discussed and expressed various opinions on some important points such as foreign and domestic relevant technologies and future development trend, biomass energy technological industrialization and which technologies are priority of industrial support and special measures. Everyone has the consensus that energetically developing biomass power generation technology is of importance to national sustainable development, particular to the wide rural and remote areas in China. The meeting summary constitutes part 2 of this report. As described in part 1, present key problem of scale-up utilization for biomass power generation technology is that China is very weak in general manufacture and production ability of biomass power generation related equipment. In order to advance China’s biomass power generation technology level and relevant energy equipment manufacturing ability, CRESP office particularly set up the Competitive Grant-in-aid Project according to GoC/ World Bank/ GEF, and entrust GIEC with the project implementation scheme, including the emphasis of technology advance items to be supported by ESCRP, qualifications for supported objectives and examination standard. These constitute part 3 of this report.
Author China Renewable Energy Scale-up Programme (CRESP), 2005, (Updated:2007)
6 Renewable Energy, 6.4 Biomass