China’s Nuclear Backlash Fosters Local Power

Abstract When Ding Jie, a water program officer for Wuhu Ecology Center, travelled to Wangjiang County, in China’s Southern Anhui province, to examine local water pollution cases this spring, she encountered something surprising. Ding was amazed to learn of Wangjiang’s popular protest movement against a nuclear plant being built in neighboring Pengze, across the Yangtze, in Jiangxi province. Wangjiang is located downstream of Pengze, where Jiangxi’s first nuclear power plant was underway. Pengze was poised to be the first nuclear power station in an inland province. However, the Chinese government halted its construction after Japan’s Fukushima nuclear accident in March 2011. Local opposition at Wangjiang, led by retired local governmental officials, has been strong. When Ding Jie shared information about the protest movement with her office colleagues in Wuhu, she learned that their city is also proposing a nuclear power plant.
Date 2012 08
Author Wen Bo
Publisher International Rivers
Series World Rivers Review
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5 Nuclear, 5.2 Civil Society Selected Articles (Including Hongkong Civil Society)